Butane Honey Oil Package Project

Nov. 19, 2010

L to R: Conrad McGee-Stocks, Kyle Shields, Ryon Sampson, Sarah Pilgrim, Adam Carey, Kristen Brophy, Natasha Rider, Caitlin Bauman, Carrie Allison. Missing: Alex Maes, James Gaudet, Charline Giffard.

Took the Design Studio 1 class today to the Halifax Casino to get a first-hand experience of the iconography of gaming.

Their assignment is to use the visual language of lottery tickets, casinos and gaming culture in the design of a box for a fictitious pharmaceutical product called “Butane Honey Oil.” The students in this class are researching Health Canada’s pharmaceutical packaging guidelines and combining these constraints with the wild-west marketing techniques of the gaming industry.

The result promises to be full of thrills, spills and surprises!

(No money was gambled in the creation of this blog entry)

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